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Private Investment Funds

Portfolio Investments 

Our team has deep expertise working with sponsors (GP) and investors (LP) in private equity, real estate, and hedge funds. We bring an eye for the subtleties of the economics and tax implications of a fund. We’ve worked on structured feeder funds, co-investment vehicles, and special purpose vehicles. We can advise regarding structuring carried interest, the promote, and incentive allocation. We can also address tax issues faced by non-U.S. investors and tax-exempt investors. 

The acquisition or disposition of a portfolio investment is where our expertise with private-sector investments and mergers and acquisitions intersect. We understand that in any acquisition or disposition of a portfolio investment, it is essential to understand the requirements, structure, and needs of both buyer and seller, particularly when one or both is a pooled investment vehicle.  

Cryptocurrency and DeFi

These sectors are constantly evolving and pushing legal boundaries. We have worked with cryptocurrency since its inception and have provided tax and legal analyses for a variety of platforms and products.  Where questions fall outside our wheelhouse, we collaborate directly with attorneys who specialize in this sector (for example, advising on public securities laws and the SEC). 

What We Do - Investors
What We Do - Companies


Mergers, Acquisitions, and Reorganizations

Business Lifecycle: Entity Choice to Exit

​We work closely with buyers and sellers on the structuring and negotiation of transactions involving high-growth, middle market, and small businesses. We provide nuanced guidance to maximize tax efficiency and economic gain in transactions ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to multi-billion public company deals. The majority of transactions fall in the mid-market range, where we can add key value without Big-Law rates. 

We get particular satisfaction from representing companies through their entire lifecycle. We are brought in early to advise on initial corporate structure and choice of entity. We counsel companies through growth, helping them execute funding rounds adeptly and  protect their value. When it comes time for an exit, we collaborate with founders and executives to structure the sale and transition of ownership to protect the companies' interests, provide a return to shareholders and essential personnel, and minimize tax burden.

Corporate Governance and Operations

We have been corporate counsel, executives, and cofounders. As a company evolves, we can handle the legal complexities to maximize business value, such as:

  • corporate governance;

  • personnel matters;

  • compensation and incentive planning;

  • corporate policies and investigations; and

  • commercial transactions.  

Lawyers are notorious for being roadblocks. Our only goal is to help you achieve the business goal, balancing risk with the need for expediency.​

Social Ventures

Social-Benefit and Nonprofit Entity Choice

Aligning Vision with Corporate Structure

Mission-fidelity and Growth

Incorporating a mission-driven enterprise requires understanding the implications of being a nonprofit, a social benefit corporation, or a traditional for-profit entity. We have helped many social entrepreneurs setup their ventures and have founded some ourselves. We've witnessed (and experienced) how different options play out and can advise on the wisest path. 

Typical businesses align around profit and are accountable to shareholders. Your venture may combine profit motive with a social mission or be entirely mission-driven. Accountability to a mission can be complex and amorphous. So we help mission-driven enterprises align themselves structurally with their mission in ways that are not explained in the typical corporate playbook.  

So you're seeing progress toward your mission and so are the people watching you. You are growing significantly, or you want to raise money to reach that next stage. It's not easy to foresee all the implications on your mission and your financial future, including the tax implications. We help mission-driven ventures grow responsibly, balancing business interests with fidelity to the mission.

What We Do - Mission
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